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The Bee Line Swine Army Hemp Tool is the ultimate multi tool for burners. It's made of 100% Organic Hemp, just the way we like it. It comes with everything you need to make the perfect tight joint + compartments for your lighter, one hitter, and rolling papers. Impress your friends and loved ones when they see this beauty coming out of your pocket.

It comes in two different models, army green/gray & lime green/rustic red. We just can't make up our minds about our favorite, you choose the one you like the most, or both.

  • Made with 100% Certified Organic Hemp
  • 2 pockets / compartments for lighter/one hitter
  • 3ft of Bee Line
  • 1 Grinder card
  • 1 poker (do not poke your friends)
  • 1 roach clip
  • 1 pack pf Pure Hemp unbleached rolling papers
  • 2 different colors: Army Green & Grey/Lime Green & Rustic Red
  • (Lighter and one hitter are not included)